About Us

At the Growing Heart Team, we are driven by excellence, inspired by goals and motivated by Excellence. to make the world a better place through academic excellence. Our team seeks to comb out hidden treasures from young minds through a platforms of competitive engagement in academic challenges.

THE THIRD EYE of knowledge is helping the young students to look beyond the four walls of the classrooms to creating a bedrock through competitive and challenging engagements. Our Pillars are anchored on: Passion, Determination and Challenges.

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Network of partnership forms the core value for a continuous and rewarding impact for sustainable goals. Our role is to create a loop of seasoned professionals who will help in the collective modelling and building of lives, transforming theem into a better and beautiful society that we all desire to live in.

Board of Governors

As a team positioned to build excellent, competitive and spirited young minds, our board of trustess are saddled with the responsibility of both advisery and supervisory roles. They are made up of a team of seasoned professionals, men of women of skills in various fields of endeavours, spirit filled and competent leaders worthy of emulation. Their constant and close contact with the team provides an enjoyable oversight in the day to day runnings of our mission achievement.

Meet the Team

GHI has a team of vibrant, passionate and seasoned youth positioned as pioneering management staff.
A team of visionary young and skillful hands coming together for the common good to accomplish our spelt out objectives. The Team is given to complete sacrifice in building a generation of social entrepreneurs who will turn their vision and passion to products.
Meet our anchors...